Tired of doing robotic tasks?

Meet your new Sidekick.

Process automation for the people. 

Take your multi-step processes down to one single click. Absolutely no technical skill necessary.

No code, for real.

Build it out in Canvas,

our visual builder. 

If you can visualize it, you can build it. No additional courses or certifications necessary. Map your next automation instantly with Canvas.

Even better? Our visual builder comes with all our plans. We don't charge you extra just to build out your automations.

What this means: the people who really know about and how to run the routines are now empowered to build their own automations.

Follow your automation with our progress tracker

Get more transparency into your automated routines as well as any potential bugs, with our condensed Routine viewer. 

What this means: You can follow along with your automation step by step to ensure completion as well as troubleshoot any bugs and errors.

Manage your team,


We've built in a manager dashboard so you can view analytics of your users, their usage, and their routines. Managing a team has never been easier.

What this means: Isolate data and usage by each end user. Get insight into how your team is using Sidekick and measure your ROI. 

Get started for only

$99 / Month

then $79/user thereafter.



Not sure which plan is right for you?

Schedule a call to get a free consultation 

of which plan best aligns with your business needs. 

- Visual Routine Builder

- Pop Up Routine Runner

- Simple Logic Tasks

- Duplicate, Organize, and Save Routines

- Combine Routines

- Email Support

Unlimited Routines.

1 User Only.

All STARTER Features


- Role-based Sharing (Users & Managers)

- Manager Dashboard w/ User Metrics


Billed Monthly

Got a large team? Talk to Sales about 

Pricing Plans for Medium to Large Teams.

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